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The following rules apply to any event where there are guests under the age of 21 in attendance

  • The event must be booked by someone over the age of 25 and that person must be present throughout the event.

  • For every 5 persons under the age of 21 attending, there must be 1 person over the age of 25 present throughout. We will need each of these responsible adults to provide ID*

  • If more than 20 persons under the age of 21 are attending (and there is alcohol being served), there must be one additional door staff person assigned (charged at £25/hour).  If this is not pre-arranged with us, a maximum of 20 Under 21s will be permitted entry.

  • No more than 50 persons under the age of 21 will be permitted entry at any one event.

  • Events involving more than 20 persons under the age of 21 must end no later than midnight.

  • A wristband system will be deployed (to enable purchase of alcohol at the bar) - any person over the age of 18 will be issued a wristband only if they can evidence this by providing ID* on the door.

  • Anyone without a wristband found to be consuming alcohol will be ejected from the venue.

  • Anyone found trying to bring alcohol into the venue will be refused entry.

*accepted forms of ID:

  • passport (UK or international; unexpired)

  • driving licences or provisional driving licence (UK or EU; unexpired)

  • proof of age cards with a PASS logo, such as, a CitizenCard or Young Scot card

  • EU national identity card (unexpired)

Under 18s: Welcome

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