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Drinks Packages (pre-paid options)

You may like to pre-pay for some drinks packages or a bar tab for your event.  We have the following options:

Welcome Drinks:

A glass of Prosecco, a bottle of Peroni or a glass of rum punch for each guest £5.00 each.

Non-alcoholic versions are also available for each (Elderflower Sparkle, non-alcoholic Beer, non-alcoholic Rum Punch)

Drinks Tokens:

Ensure each guest gets one or more drinks from you.  Drinks tokens are £6 each and can be redeemed at the bar for their drinks of choice.  Excludes premium spirits, doubles, champagne and cocktails

These can be given to you to distribute or our staff can hand to guests on arrival.

Unlimited Drinks:

Unlmited drinks for up to 5 hours.  This is £35 per guest and must apply to ALL guests attending.  Excludes premium spirits, doubles, champagne, cocktails and shots.

Wine, Juice or Water for the Tables:

Pre-order bottles of wine or carafes of juice for the tables.  Wine can be pre-ordered at £23/bottle.  A 1l carafe of juice is £5.  A 750ml bottle of water (still or sparkling) is £3.

Bar Tab:

Pre-pay for drinks up to a certain amount.  You can apply your own restrictions if required.

Drinks prices can be viewed below...

Drinks Prices (1).jpg
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